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Fuel prices dropping, diesel under €2 in some places

In some parts of Finland, diesel prices dipped below two euros per litre for the first time since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

Diesel prices dipped under 2 euros for the first time since Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February. Image: Ying Tang/NurPhoto/Shutterstock/All Over Press

Liquid fuel prices continued to fall last week, according to Statistics Finland.

The number-crunching agency reported that the average price of diesel per litre in Finland was 2.17 euros last week, compared to 2.21 euros the previous week.

In some areas of Finland, the price per litre dipped below the two-euro mark for the first time since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, which caused fuel prices to skyrocket.

Based on the figures from fuel price tracker, diesel could be bought anywhere in the municipalities of Oulainen, Alavus and Kouvola for at or under 1.998 euros per litre.

Diesel prices peaked during the last week of June, at 2.53 euros per litre.

In regard to petrol prices, the average price per litre of 95E10 petrol last week was 2.22 euros, down three cents from 2.25 euros the previous week. 98E5 petrol fell two cents over the same period, from 2.34 euros to 2.32 euros.

Statistics Finland noted that petrol prices peaked during the Midsummer holiday week in late June. The average price per litre that week for 95E10 was 2.57 euros, while for 98E5 it was 2.67 euros.