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Fashion reporter to become Finland's first TikTok professor

The position will mostly take place in Lahti, which is home to a booming textile and furniture industry.

Sami Sykkö's voice is familiar to the Finnish audience for his commentating on various figure skating championships, among other things Image: Markku Rantala / Yle

Veteran host, fashion reporter and economist Sami Sykkö will be taking on a role as Professor of Practice at the Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology (LUT) as of 1 September.

The part-time position, set to continue at least until late 2025, will involve teaching students working life skills relating to business collaborations and marketing.

"In an effort to reach the younger generation, I've decided to become Finland's first TikTok professor," Sykkö writes in the LUT's press release announcing the matter.

The role of a Professor of Practice resembles more a working life mentor rather than typical professor, and Sykkö is planning to commence his teaching journey with a series of expert master classes.

Professors of Practice typically act as intermediaries between academic research and working life. Last year, presenter and inventor Jamie Hyneman, famous for the television show Mythbusters, took on the same position at LUT University.

Päijät-Häme bank co-ops are supporting the professorship with a grant of 140,000 euros.