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Marin takes drug test, addresses media accusations

The PM said that she had never taken drugs, not even in her teenage years.

The PM told reporters she has taken a drug test, with the results coming back next week. Image: Matias Honkamaa / Lehtikuva

Finland's Prime Minister Sanna Marin (SDP) has taken a drug test in the face of serious accusations after leaked social media videos.

Speaking to reporters at the PM's official Kesäranta residence, Marin said she had taken a drug test, with the results expected in a week.

"In recent days, there have been quite serious accusations in the public domain that I have used narcotics. I consider these accusations to be very serious and weighty. For my own legal protection — although I consider the demand for a drug test unreasonable — in order to erase such doubts, I have today taken a drug test," the PM told reporters on Friday afternoon.

Marin went on to say that she has never taken drugs.

"Even in my teenage years, I have not used any kind of drugs. Since this kind of suspicion has been raised, I took the tests just to be sure. I am also presumed innocent, and wish that such a claim would not be made," she told reporters.

Responding to reporters, Marin also added that, to her knowledge, she has never been present around drug use.

"As far as I know, I have never been in such a situation [around drug use]. Of course, I can't know if someone has used something that I haven't seen myself. On the night shown in the video footage, I didn't notice that anyone had used [drugs]," the prime minister added.

On Friday, media outlets revealed that the party videos took place on Saturday 6 August. Marin was initially slated to be on holiday that weekend, but according to the PM that was postponed due to a presentation by President Sauli Niinistö in Kultaranta.

The early end to the holiday meant that Marin was responsible as PM over the weekend, with no deputy minister officially designated to fill in the role during this time.

"We didn't have any government meetings during that weekend. I had time off and spent it with my friends and did nothing illegal," the PM responded in English, adding that she had the weekend free, with meetings only scheduled for Monday.

"I'm always ready to work," Marin assured reporters.

New video surfaces

A new video was released on Friday showing the PM dancing close with pop singer Olavi Uusivirta in a Helsinki bar.

While the video shows the two close together, Marin denied this was anything more than just two friends dancing.

"I don't think I was kissed on the neck. Something was said to me. I've hugged friends and kissed them on the cheek. If that's considered inappropriate, then it's considered inappropriate. If someone kissed me on the cheek, there was nothing inappropriate or anything I couldn't tell my husband about, " Marin said.