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85% in Finland support suspending tourist visas for Russians, survey finds

Carried out by pollster Taloustutkimus, the survey was commissioned by the activist group Mothers For Peace.

File photo of a Russian citizen filling in a Finnish visa application form. Image: Kari Kosonen / Yle

Eighty-five percent, of people in Finland support suspending tourist visas for Russians until "Russia's aggressive war in Europe ends," according to a fresh survey.

Commissioned by the Mothers For Peace activist group, the survey was carried out by polling firm Taloustutkimus, the group said in a statement.

On Wednesday, Finnish Minister for Foreign Affairs Pekka Haavisto (Green) announced that Finland is urgently seeking a solution to restrict the issuing of tourist visas to Russian citizens.

Additionally, 80 percent of the respondents said Finland should prevent Russians from entering the country on tourist visas that have already been issued or issued by another country in the Schengen area.

The survey found that just four percent of respondents were completely against suspending the granting of tourist visas to Russians.

Mothers For Peace said that Finland's eastern border should be immediately closed to Russian tourists, in order to secure the safety of Finland and Europe, and also as a way to show support and sympathy for Ukraine.

The online survey was carried out between 20-22 September, querying 1,088 people in Finland. Participants were 18-79 years of age.