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Gunfire incident in school at Orivesi

Police say that a man fired a gun in a comprehensive school in Orivesi, near Tampere, Friday morning. One man was reportedly injured in the hand in a separate shooting. There were no injuries at the school. A suspect has been taken into custody.

Image: Yle / Kai Pohjanen

Police report that the suspect is a local man born in 1989.

Emergency services received a call at around 9:30 AM that a man had been injured in the hand by gunfire at a nearby office. Soon thereafter, a report was received of shooting at the school. Police believe that the shooter in both incidents was the same man.

Police apprehended the suspect, who they say took a shotgun into the building and fired four shots from a school hallway into a classroom door.

Police say no motive for the shootings is yet known.

The newspaper Aamulehti was first to report the incident.