Stroke Treatment Poor in Some Areas

The quality of treatment for stroke victims largely depends on where they live, reveals research by the Finnish Stroke and Dysphasia Union.

Only one in four patients are getting treatment that fulfils all quality criteria, says the Union. It estimates that extending proper care to all stroke victims could save 500 people from death or permanent institutional care.

Proper care in this case refers to special medical stroke units who can offer appropriate fluid treatments. However, many hospital districts don't want to invest money in the creation of these units, which require 24-hour supervision.

Only around half of the population lives in districts with stroke units. Residents in Kotka, Vaasa, Kokkola, and Hämeenlinna, among others, don't have access to units.

Stroke units have been proven to have a significant effect on recovery. They can reduce the death rate from strokes to just five percent. In addition, 37 percent of patients make a full recovery and 61 percent are able to live independently.