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Triple-Murder Suspect Revises Story

The man suspected of a 45-year-old triple murder took the stand for the first time on Friday. Nils Gustafsson has told the court that he does recall some events on the night in question. Previously he claimed he did not remember anything, but that he is sure of his innocence. The prosecutor is demanding a life sentence.

On the stand Friday, Gustafsson revised the story he has told for four and a half decades. He told the court that he does remember the group he was with awoke once after going to sleep, and that he went fishing with his the other boy in the camping group.

In 1960 Gustafsson was camping at Lake Bodom in Espoo with the three victims, who were killed overnight. One boy was stabbed to death; the two women were clubbed with rocks. Gustafsson was also treated for some wounds, and told police that he did not remember what happened.

His defence team says that an unidentified outside assailant was responsible for the murders. They say that there was no argument that evening, or any other motive for Gustafsson to have committed murder.

Prosecutors Tom Ifström and Heli Haapalehto will be using DNA evidence gathered from Gustafsson's shoes and the youths' camping tent to support their case. The tent will also be brought into the courtroom. Police say that Gustafsson sliced through the tent with a knife and killed his friends.

The prosecution says that jealousy was the motive behind the crime, pointing out that one of the girls was found partially undressed at the crime scene.

Thirteen days have been reserved for the trial, one of which will be spent at the murder scene on the shores of Lake Bodom. Closing statements are scheduled for September 8th.