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Police Testimony: Gustafsson Confessed to Triple Murder

An investigating officer of the National Bureau of Investigation testified on Thursday that he believes Nils Gustafsson confessed to murdering his three friends in 1960.

Police officer Markku Tuominen said on the stand that the admission was made while Gustafsson was in police custody last autumn. Tuominen said that a frustrated Gustafsson threw himself on a bed and said, "What's done is done, I'll get 15 years for it." ( "Tehty mikä tehty, 15 vuotta tuli"). Tuominen says he believes that the suspect was referring to the triple murder and the prison sentence he might get if convicted. Gustafsson has pleaded not guilty to the crimes. Details of a 45-year-old Murder In 1960 Gustafsson went camping at Lake Bodom in Espoo with the three victims, his friend Seppo Boisman and their girlfriends. The other boy was stabbed to death; the two women were clubbed with rocks. Gustafsson was treated for some injuries, for example, a fractured jaw and a cut cheek. Prosecutors Tom Ifström and Heli Haapalehto used DNA evidence gathered from Gustafsson's shoes and the youths' camping tent to support their case. The tent was also brought into the courtroom. Police say that an enraged Gustafsson sliced through the tent with a knife and killed his friends, and then later re-arranged the campsite to make it appear as if he was also a victim. They say jealousy and resentment were the motives, pointing out that one of the girls was found partially undressed at the crime scene. Defence: Murderer Got Away Gustafsson's defence team says that an unidentified outside assailant was responsible for the murders. They say that there was no argument that evening, or any other motive for Gustafsson to have committed murder. Nils Gustafsson previously claimed he did not remember anything about the night in question, but that he is sure of his innocence. When he took the stand, however, Gustafsson told the court that he does remember some details. He said the group he was with awoke once after going to sleep, and that he went fishing with Boisman. Conflicting Testimonies

An unidentified woman testified that Gustafsson had an argument with Boisman on the night in question. She had been camping with friends at a nearby site, and recalls that Gustafsson and the three others joined them for a time.

She says that he was drunk, and had a fierce quarrel with his friend.

This directly contradicts Gustafsson's account, in which he says the two men and their girlfriends spent a pleasant evening together without any arguments. His lawyer says the surprise witnesses' testimony was flimsy, since she couldn't even recall the names of her companions at her own campsite.

The defence also wondered why the witness had kept quiet about this incident over the decades. She replied that once the murders became public, she and her friends swore they would keep the incident to themselves.