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Drive To Block Online Child Porn

Access to child porn sites from Finnish servers could be blocked in the near future. Telecoms operators, police and politicians met on Tuesday to discuss how best to filter access to sites carrying sexual images of children.

Transport and Communications Minister Susanna Huovinen says operators have expressed interest in voluntarily placing filters to prevent access to Internet sites featuring child porn.

Huovinen says that blocking access would be quite legal. A task force set up by the Ministry has examined whether police have the right to give operators lists of suspected child porn sites.

Operators have not wanted to determine themselves which sites would be banned.

For example, Swedish and Danish Internet operators have installed filters.

In Sweden, filters were installed in May and currently block up to 30,000 attempts to access child porn sites daily.

In Finland, the Transport and Communications Ministry says that within a couple of months it will be taking the first concrete steps to encourage operators to block access to child porn sites.

It still needs to look at how much filters would cost operators and what would be the best way technically to block access.

The possession or distribution of child pornography is against the law in Finland.

Just looking at such pictures on the internet is not illegal however