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King of Finland’s Items Go on Display

This summer the Kemi Gemstone Gallery is adding pieces related to the Finnish King to its collection, such as the blueprints for various castles that were to house the king.

Image: Kemin kaupunki

Items pertaining to German-born Friedrich Karl, who was elected as the Finnish king in 1918, are the new star attractions at the Kemi Gemstone Gallery.

The gallery's latest additions related to the Finnish monarchy include servants’ uniforms, pictures of royal furniture ordered for the castle as well blueprints of various castles that were under consideration.

“We try to update the collection now and again to keep visitors coming back,” says Anu Kumpuniemi of Kemi Tourism Ltd.

Since the 1990s, visitors have flocked to the gallery to see the King of Finland’s crown up close.

October Revolution Triggered Ideas of Monarchy

Following the 1917–18 crisis and the Finnish Civil War, Finland passed from Russian rule to the German sphere of influence. The senate at the time attempted to establish a Finnish monarchy ruled by a German king, however, such attempts failed after the defeat of Germany in World War I.