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Details Emerge in Deadly Kuopio Shooting

Police have released more details on Friday's drunken shooting incident in the market square of the eastern Finnish city of Kuopio. The incident left one woman dead and two men injured -- one of them a Russian tourist.

Image: YLE

At the time of the shooting, at about 6 p.m., hundreds of onlookers thronged the market square. Police detained the suspected gunman and confirmed that three people were taken to hospital, one of whom succumbed to her injuries. The other two included the woman's companion and a Russian tourist, who was shot first.

They both received gunshot wounds, but their injuries are not believed to be life threatening. About 30 other people received trauma counselling.

The shooting suspect tried to flee the scene in a car, but crashed into parked vehicles three times. After the third collision, police detained the gunman without resistance.

Local police cleared the square and kept the area cordoned off for forensic investigations. The market re-opened normally on Saturday.

One eyewitness, Markku Heiskanen, described the incident to YLE.

”People fled the market, women were running around so I went to have a look. Police and ambulance arrived on the scene too late,” he said.

The eyewitness added, ” He (the gunman) left in a blue Audi. It was parked in front of the Anttila department store, and he drove away in it.” Eyewitnesses say the assailant used two weapons, a shotgun and a pistol.

On Saturday police said the gunman was a local born in 1957, a family man with no criminal record but who had suffered from mental health problems for years. He had a blood alcohol content of 1.6 promille at the time.

Interrogation began on Saturday morning. His motive remains unclear, as does any possible relationship to the victims.