Amadeus Lundberg Is The New King Of Finnish Tango

20 year-old Amadeus Lundberg has won this year's competition to be crowned "King" of the popular Finnish style of tango.

Vuoden 2009 tangokuninkaallinen on Amadeus Lundberg. Image: YLE

Lundberg took the title in a close judges' vote at the 25th annual Seinäjoki Tango Festival on Saturday evening.

The jury's decision noted the young singer's strengths as being his musical talent, motivation, and his love of music.

Along with the title, Amadeus Lundberg also won a place in the Finnish qualifying rounds for the the next Eurovision Song Contest. If he so chooses, Lundberg will be one of 12 invited artists in the event.

An indication of the popularity of the tango genre in Finland can be seen in festival attendence figures. Organizers reported that by Saturday, the fourth day of the Seinäjoki Tango Festival, 102 000 people had attended the event. The record number of tango festival goers was 130,600 in 1999.