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Mämmi — Easter’s own superfood

It may look suspicious, but Finland’s traditional Easter dessert dish mämmi is a real superfood, according to a Finnish food guru. Enthusiasts say the brown stuff packs few calories but plenty of nutritional benefits.

Image: Yle / Arja Lento

“One hundred grams of mämmi has just 115 calories,” says chef Jaakko Kolmonen of the velvety rye pudding, which divides opinions among Finns as well as foreigners.

Its main ingredients are rye flour and powdered rye malt. Historians say the dish spread from southwestern Finland to the rest of the country in the 1700s, though there is speculation that mämmi traces origins to ancient Persia.

“Rye flour is ten percent protein, comparable to fatty salmon. Rye malt has a fibre content of 13 percent,” says Kolmonen, adding that m ämmi also contains lots of iron.

The starchy pudding undergoes a natural sweetening process during preparation, and Kolmonen says the homemade kind is very sweet. However mämmi is traditionally served with cream and a sprinkle of sugar.

But all boxes of mämmi are not created equal. Kolmonen says the ready-made kind often found in grocers’ frozen food bins can be very sugary, zapping positive health aspects.

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