Halla-aho suspended for two weeks

The Finns party MP Jussi Halla-aho was suspended for two weeks by his parliamentary group on Thursday afternoon following Facebook comments deemed inappropriate by the party.

Jussi Halla-aho Image: YLE

On Wednesday Halla-aho posted a message on Facebook advocating a military junta in Greece and tanks on the streets to crush protesters.

The parliamentary group's decision to suspend Halla-aho was unanimous and Halla-aho himself agreed to it.

The approved disciplinary measure is two weeks shorter than the month-long suspension initially demanded by party chair Timo Soini.

On Thursday, Soini said that the parliamentary group made the best possible decision in the situation. He noted that, once the punishment is suffered, there can be a new start with a clean slate.

Halla-aho: A lesson to learn

Halla-aho noted that this was an experience to learn from. He told YLE that he did not believe this incident would sour his relationship with Timo Soini.

“I don’t think this will leave any cracks in mine and Soini’s relationship,” he said. “We’ve had difficult moments in the past, too, but my understanding is that we remain on very good terms.”

Halla-aho, known for his controversial political blogs, was once charged but acquitted with incitement against an ethnic group for online comments about the Prophet Muhammad.

Halla-aho will continue his work as an MP during the suspension. He will also carry on with his work as the chair of Parliament's Administration Committee.