Finns Giving Generously to Help Haiti

People in Finland have been more active than normal in donating money to various organisations collecting money for disaster relief in Haiti. The public's concern is also evident in church collection plates.

Image: YLE

The Finnish Red Cross says it's already gotten a total of 400,000 euros in donations, while Unicef says its Finnish branch has gathered 70,000 euros from its website collection drive alone.

Meanwhile, the Evangelical Lutheran Church's charity wing Finn Church Aid has earmarked half a million euros of the Foreign Ministry's money for disaster relief, as well as contributing hundreds of thousands of euros from its own coffers. The money will go to buying food, tents, and water purification tablets.

Finnish churches also set up special collections on Sunday, to which parishioners were eager to contribute.

"I do think we can make a difference from here," says Sunday churchgoer Tuulikki Jääskivi, from Oulunkylä. "Money is the means to get the help."