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AirBaltic Cuts Back on Finnish Services

The Latvian airline AirBaltic is cutting back on services on several routes in Finland. The cutbacks apply to flights from Finnish provincial airports to the Latvian capital Riga and the Estonian capital Tallinn, as well as the Oulu-Stockholm route.

Air Baltic keskittyy tällä erää vain Rovaniemi-Tampere-Riika-lentoihin. Image: Air Baltic

The biggest cutbacks affect flights from Oulu. This winter, AirBaltic plans to fly only one daily service from Oulu via Turku to Riga. The airline is cancelling all flights between Oulu and Tallinn and Oulu and Stockholm.

One of the daily flights between Oulu and Turku is being cancelled.

Flights to Kuusamo are to be suspended for three months this autumn. The reason for these and other alterations in its schedules is a shortage of aircraft, causd by a delay in the delivery of a number of new Bombardier Q400 NG turboprops.

The airline is also reducing services on several other European routes.