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Small Town in Lapland Boasts Most Snow in Finland

With 33 centimetres of white powder, the Pokka village in the northern municipality of Kittilä currently boasts the most snow coverage in Finland. However, with nearly 31 centimetres, the winter resort in the town of Saariselkä is not too far behind.

Kittilän Levillä nautitaan lumisista maisemista. Image: YLE / Sirpa Hanhivaara

Other areas in Kittilä, including the Levi ski resort, have blankets of snow measuring around 20 centimetres. The Kilpisjärvi Lake in the municipality of Enontekiö is also covered by 20 centimetres. Elsewhere in Northern Lapland, snow coverage is around ten centimeters. Snow in Eastern Lapland and the Rovaniemi airport stands at about five centimeters.

Meanwhile, residents in Southern Lapland are still waiting for snow. The region is expected to get hit with rain and sleet on Saturday.

Jukka Raittila of the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s Rovaniemi weather centre says that weather conditions have been quite variable this autumn.