Deadly Weekend in Finland

The past weekend in Finland saw an unusually high death toll, with 10 people losing their lives to road accidents and violent crime. Additionally, three men drowned and authorities continue the search for another reported missing.

Image: Joao Campos / YLE

In one incident, a scuba diver died in Kouvola after succumbing to decompression sickness. The 31-year old man was taken to a decompression chamber in Helsinki for treatment, but passed away on Sunday.

Three young men lost their lives in a road accident in Pori, shortly before 2.00 am Sunday morning. A fourth youth who survived the crash is suspected by police to have driven the ill-fated vehicle.

On Saturday another young man perished in a collision in Laitila, south west Finland. Also on Saturday afternoon a middle-aged motorcyclist died after colliding with a private car.

Shooting incidents claimed the lives of three persons over the weekend. In Parkkila, Mikkeli in eastern Finland, an elderly man shot and killed his wife before turning the weapon on himself on Saturday evening. Police say that the shootings took place inside the couple’s home.

A shooting incident in Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland saw one man shoot and kill another man in his forties on Saturday morning. Police have held a 27-year old man in connection with the incident.

A 60-year old man perished in a blaze in a set of townhouses in Iisalmi in the northern Savo region.

The bodies of three men found in different areas were thought to be drowning victims. The first was found in Lahti on Sunday morning, while the others were found in Kangasala and Juua. On Sunday morning authorities in Kitsi were said to be continuing their search for a man who fell into a pond.