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World's Largest Sauna to Appear on Finnish-Swedish Border

The world’s largest sauna is being built in Haparanda, in northern Sweden. Developers of the hotel-spa complex hope to attract more tourists to the area. Haparanda shares a border with Tornio, in Finnish Lapland.

Havainnekuva Haaparannan Cape Eastiin rakennettavasta maailman suurimmasta saunasta. Image: Cape East

Work on the hotel began on Wednesday. The entire complex is expected to be finished by next June.

”There are already many interesting attractions in this area. We have an Ikea store, which draws two million visitors a year. We also have a large shopping centre. But those attractions are for day visits. Now we hope to entice people here for the whole weekend,” says Kristiina Lampinen, the director of the hotel.

She adds that developers plan to market the hotel-spa complex globally. However, they will initially try to appeal to tourists in Sweden and Finland. Lampinen says she believes visitors from further away will be interested as well.

”We have something that can’t be found just anywhere. Of course, we have the nature here with the midnight sun in the summer and then the charm of our winters.”

The five million euro investment is expected to create about 50 jobs in the area.