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Survey shows downturn in child welfare

Child welfare has taken a downward turn in Finland, according to an international report issued by Save the Children. In the previous review, Finland was placed second in terms of child welfare. Now the country is in fourteenth place. Topping the league now are Japan and Spain.

Image: Maija-Liisa Juntti / Yle

In the survey, countries were graded into a league table by comparing mortality, under-nourishment and school attendance statistics.

The resulting index shows that the well being of children has declined in Finland compared to the previous survey.  

”We have a growing number of children, the plight of whom is getting worse. On the other hand, conditions are good for many,” says Anne Haaranen, International Programme Director of Save the Children Finland.   

On a worldwide scale child mortality and under-nourishment are significant factors in deciding hild well being. Haaranen says the condition in Europe of disabled or Roma and minority group children is difficult to determine.

None of the Nordic countries can be satisfied with the current trend. Not a single Nordic nation has improved its ranking compared to the previous survey. Sweden now stands in nineteenth position, Norway in eighth.  

Anne Haaranen says Finland needs to work on making children’s lives better in the years ahead.

”We have the resources but we must decide on how to act, for example, at a local municipal level,” adds Haaranen.

Last May, a separate Save the Children survey placed Finland in sixth position as the best place to be a mother.