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Nearly 50,000 whooper swans in Finland

On 3-4 November, birdspotters counted how many of whooper swans are actually to be found around the country. They found nearly 50,000 whooper swans in the first national audit of the bird’s population.

Laulujoutsenparilla on viisi harmaapukuista poikasta. Image: Pirjo Outa

Oulu had the greatest numbers of the swans, with around 8,000. BirdLife Finland said that birds were spotted across the country but especially along the coast between Pori and Tornio, in Häme and in central and south-eastern Finland.

The event, organised by BirdLife Finland, found a total of 46,700 birds in some 2,300 locations. Around 10,000 adult pairs were found, with the rest made up of chicks, young adults without nests, and birds migrating across Finland from Russia.

Whooper swans are Finland’s national bird and feature on the Finnish one euro coin.