Muse resume tour in Helsinki after injury

The British band Muse blazed back onstage in Helsinki on Monday night after several cancellations due to the lead singer's injury.

Muse-yhtyeen Matthew Bellamy ja Dominic Howard haastattelussa.

Muse rocked a sold-out crowd of 13,000 at the Helsinki Arena after calling off three shows in Norway and Sweden when frontman Matthew Bellamy broke his foot – an injury that had now healed enough for him to deliver the energetic live shows the band's known for.

“It’s fine. It’s good now. I’ve been like resting for a couple of weeks now and it’s healed,” Bellamy told Yle before the show, adding with a ironic chuckle: “I think I’m ready to rock tonight.”

This was the band’s eighth appearance in Finland since a gig at Helsinki’s intimate Tavastia Club back in 2000.

As record sales slump, it's becoming more crucial that musicians deliver unforgettable concert experiences – something Muse have always focused on.

“I think we give everything we have on onstage,” says Bellamy. “And we want to be very expressive. We want to make a connection with the audience. And we want to entertain as well.”

Epic and bombastic

Established in Devon, south-west England, in 1994, Muse have sold more than 15 million albums. Along the way, they have always spliced musical genres, from U2-style rock to prog, metal, electronica and even classical.

“When you mix all of that together particularly in one song, you just naturally get quite a big, epic or bombastic, a really big-sounding sound,” says drummer Dominic Howard.

Their sixth album, The 2nd Law, includes more influences from the English group Queen. The first single, “Survival”, which was used as the theme song of last summer’s London Olympics, went straight to number one on the iTunes sales list in Finland on its day of release. So did The 2nd Law, which immediately exceeded the gold-record level with sales of more than 12,000 copies in October.

9th show under summer skies

Howard and Bellamy say they're looking forward to returning to Helsinki for an Olympic Stadium gig next July, praising Finnish audiences as “a great rock crowd. They like real music and we’ve always enjoyed that.

The trio will then play in Norway, but there will be no make-up shows for fans disappointed by cancellations in Malmö and Stockholm. On Tuesday Muse's roadshow rolls on to Tallinn, followed by Riga and Hamburg.