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Police detain pick pocket gang suspects

Police in the province of Uusimaa have been investigating a spate of pick pocketing. Professional criminals are being charged with over 40 separate cases in the southern Finnish towns of Järvenpää, Hyvinkää and Porvoo.

Image: Hanna Lumme / Yle

Three men from Romania are the primary suspects. They are currently in detention awaiting their case to come before a local court in March.

During provisional investigations, the men revealed they travelled across Finland by car on two occasions.

Police say their mode of operation was always the same: one of them would distract a shopper while the other would steal the victim’s wallet. The third acted as the get-away driver.

The thieves took cash from the stolen wallets. In addition they found bank cards and PIN codes allowing them to steal cash from accounts. Police add the criminals sent a total of almost 20,000 euros in cash to Romania.

Police are still on the look-out for another Romanian man for whom an international search warrant has been issued.