Parliament may still move on same-sex marriage

MPs pushing for gender-neutral marriage laws say they hope their bill will come before the legislature this spring.

Image: Markku Ulander / Lehtikuva

The proposal has so far collected 76 signatures from MPs, but it needs 100 to move forward. A public signature collection drive is meanwhile being launched next month.

The bill wants to grant the same rights to all couples, regardless of their gender. This means married same-sex couples would be able to adopt children outside of their family circles.

No formal proposal has been made to move the bill out of the Legal Affairs Committee and to the floor for debate. However, on Wednesday, backers requested a review of all the bills pending before the committee.

Draft bills presented by the government are reviewed in committee in order of urgency and normally those with fewer than 100 signatures do not progress to a review. The Legal Affairs Committee has reviews of 30–40 bills currently pending, some of which have been signed by 100 or more MPs and thus should be given preference in the Committee's schedule.

Within the Legal Affairs Committee there is a more or less even split between supporters and opponents of gender-neutral marriage.