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Stabbing suspect kept register of 'Jews' and 'race traitors'

Police have released details of a register kept by a suspect in a stabbing at an event dealing with right-wing extremism in January in Jyväskylä. The man had kept pictures and information about more than 300 people on a memory stick.

The stick contained details about the religious and political convictions of people he regarded as political enemies. The information was kept under different categories, including 'right-wing', 'left-wing', 'Jews', 'race traitors' and 'elite clubs'.

Police say that no particular group was over-represented in the registry, which fits the criteria of an illegal data registry.

Those on the list were sent a letter last week informing them of the matter. Police believe the investigation will be concluded this spring.

The matter came to light after the man was arrested over violence at an event at Jyväskylä library. Authors of a book on the extreme right in Finland were due to speak at the event. Men describing themselves as 'patriots' were denied access to the event and started a fight in which one of the door staff was stabbed.