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Survey: Finns don’t fear war

A Defence Forces survey has found that Finns value defence co-operation, and believe outside assistance would be crucial in the event of conflict, but do not believe a conflagration is on the horizon in the near future.

Image: Puolustusvoimat

More than 80 percent of respondents said they did not believe Finland faced military threats in the short term. Some 52 percent did not believe there were long-term threats either, while 37 percent thought threats would emerge in the long-term future.

A big majority supported Finland’s current, conscription-based defence model, with 83 percent regarding it as very or quite important. Support had dipped slightly among younger age groups.

The recent revamp of Finnish military units divided opinion, with 48 percent supporting the changes and 45 percent opposed.

A majority (58 percent) said they doubted Finland’s ability to defend itself in a crisis without outside assistance, while 71 percent said that Nordic defence co-operation had a large or very large practical significance. Finns were especially keen on joint exercises (55 percent) and training (50 percent), as well as joint procurement (48 percent).