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Austrian media: 50 million dollar ransom paid for Finnish and Austrian hostages

The Austrian media reported on Monday that apparently 50 million dollars was paid to free the two Finns and one Austrian who were taken hostage in the Yemeni capital Sanaa on December 21st.

Yli neljä kuukautta siepattuna olleet Atte ja Leila Kaleva palasivat Suomeen perjantaina. Kuva on otettu välittömästi laskeutumisen jälkeen Helsinki-Vantaan lentokentällä. Image: Ulkoministeriö

The _Austrian Independent _referred to Yemeni newspaper reports that the ransom was paid by the sultanate of Oman. Oman is said to have paid out 16 million dollars for the release of the Austrian captive and that four million was paid to tribal leaders who acted as intermediaries.

In total Oman is said to have paid a total of 50 million dollars (close to 40 million euros) for the release of all three.

The reports have not been confirmed by official sources.

The Finnish Foreign Ministry has said that Finland did not pay ransom for the release of any of the hostages.