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Servicemen’s union wants more women in army

The union representing conscripts in Finland would like to see young women receive compulsory invitations to be assessed for military service, in an effort to increase numbers joining up. Either civil or military service is compulsory for men but optional for women.

Image: Yle

The union believes that compulsory call-ups for women would increase numbers of motivated soldiers in the military. It would ensure that women attend assessments for military service, and at least seriously consider the option of serving in the army, but would preserve their right to opt-out.

Soldiers' representatives say that the army reserve is continuously shrinking, and that just 30 percent of each age group currently serves a full term in the military.

Only a few women each year currently take up the option to serve in the army, but despite that the union does not want to see military service become compulsory for women.

”Call-up papers would have positive influences on public health and in combating marginalisation,” said the union’s chair Risto Lahti. ”Extending the military service obligation to women would increase numbers of consciencious objectors and those doing civil service.”