Alicia Keys: I just might write a song about Finland [video]

One of the top headliners for this weekend's Flow Festival, award-winning American R&B singer, songwriter and pianist Alicia Keys gives an exclusive interview to Yle.

Flow-festivaaleilla esiintynyt Alicia Keys Yle Uutisten haastattelemana.
In an interview with Yle, award-winning musician Alicia Keys.

Acclaimed R&B star Alicia Keys' recent tour brought her to Finland, where she was one of the headliners at Helsinki's Flow Festival, which ended on Sunday. Keys’ long list of accomplishments includes winning 14 Grammys and selling more than 35 million records. In addition to being a singer, Keys is a multi-instrumentalist who composes, writes lyrics, and produces her own music.

In this Yle video interview, the New York native shares her thoughts on philanthropy, motherhood, making music, her hometown, and her plans for the future - which just might include writing a song about Finland.