Finland scores well in "adult PISA" rankings

An OECD study that measured basic skills among adults in 24 industrialised countries found that Finns are among the best in the world, ranking second in all three skills tested.

Image: Yle

Finland has consistently scored highly in the international PISA rankings designed to test school pupils’ skills, prompting considerable interest in the country’s education system. Those good results have now been replicated in a report touted as the 'adult PISA'.

The OECD organised its first study of adult skills this year, looking at the abilities of 16-65-year-olds in 24 countries for the PIAAC report. It found Finns’ skills to be world class.

In literacy, Finns averaged 288 points and finished second only to Japan. The OECD average was 273 points.

Numeracy was also a Finnish strength, with the average Finn scoring 282 points to finish in second spot. Japan topped that table too with an average of 288 points. The OECD average was 269 points.

In ICT skills, 41 percent of Finns rated 'good' or 'excellent', clearly above the OECD average of 34 percent. Only Swedes had a higher proportion of adults classified that way.

There were few gender differences in the ranking, with Finnish men and women reading using computers to solve problems equally well. Numeracy skills were slightly better among Finnish men than among women.