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Dancing bear cubs make it to US newspaper

Finnish photographer Valtteri Mulkahainen’s photos of bear cubs playing 'Ring around the Rosie' in Suomussalmi, north-eastern Finland, were picked up by the US paper Daily News.

This is for real. Image: Valtteri Mulkahainen

One of the biggest papers in the U.S., the Daily News, published an article (siirryt toiseen palveluun) on Thursday with the photographs of Valtteri Mulkahainen, a 52-year-old physical education teacher from Sotkamo. Mulkahainen only took up photography as a hobby some four years ago.

His early summer pictures of bear cubs, taken in the Suomussalmi region of Kainuu, found their way to the pages of the Daily News through a British photo agency.

The playful images feature both cubs and mother.

According to the Daily News, the cute bears are like “the real-life incarnation of a bumper sticker for America’s favourite jam band” – referring to a symbol for 60s psychedelic rockers the Grateful Dead.

Commenting on how his pictures were initially found, Mulkahainen says: “I entered my photos into different photography forums, after which I started to get enquiries about these.”

The PE teacher turned world-famous nature photographer adds that Finland is the best country in the world for a photographer, as here you can take great pictures from nature and of animals.