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Winter cold record broken in Kilpisjärvi

Kilpisjärvi at the North-Western tip of Finland woke up to a chilling temperature of minus 31.3 degrees Celsius on Saturday morning. The weather is expected to cool down also in Southern Finland in the coming days, before warming up again around Tuesday and Wednesday.

Chills at Kilpisjärvi. Image: Lapland - The North of Finland

The record temperature was registered at 8 am on Saturday in Kilpisjärvi. The previous record was hit in North-Western Finland on 2 December at Salla’s Naruska, where the mercury plunged to minus 30.8 degrees.

“The weather will really cool down in the South also today and tomorrow,” Yle meteorologist Matti Huutonen says.

Meanwhile, the low pressure area that brought mayhem to Denmark, Germany and the Baltic countries is moving away to the South-East.

“After this, a weak high pressure area will gain strength in Finland, and cold air will stream in from the North all the way down to Southern Finland. Tomorrow [Sunday] daytime temperatures in the South will be around 5 degrees below zero, as compared to now, when temperatures are just below freezing. In the North, tomorrow’s daytime temperatures will be at an average of 25 degrees below zero,” Huutonen predicts.

The weather is expected to get milder again around Tuesday or Wednesday.