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"Bake your own bus ticket" Xmas offer from Finnish coach firm

Long-distance bus company Matkahuolto is offering customers the chance to travel using unusual tickets this Tuesday. All they have to do is bake a gingerbread treat and present it at a ticket office before embarking on their journey.

Travellers can use biscuits for bus travel on Tuesday. Image: YLE / Petri Puskala

Finnish Christmas is usually a time for mulled wine and gingerbread biscuits. This week the Yuletide treats have a dual purpose—they can replace bus tickets on long distance journeys.

On Tuesday 17 December, passengers can use gingerbread biscuits as bus tickets, so long as the departure point and destination are clearly marked (for example in sugar icing) and the biscuit is home-made and completely edible. The tickets available to gingerbread bakers are limited in number--just 500 are available across the country--but they can in principle be used to travel more than 800 kilometres, from Helsinki in the south to Rovaniemi in Lapland.

"The gingerbread tickets are a way of thanking our customers for the past year and to remind them about the busier travel times," said Matkahuolto’s Jukka Ylitalo in a statement.

Customers have to present their biscuit-tickets at Matkahuolto offices, rather than to the bus driver.