Tuomioja expects little from EU’s second phase of sanctions

Foreign ministers from the 28 EU countries agreed to subject 21 Russian and Ukrainian officials to visa restrictions and asset freezes for their roles in the events in Crimea on Monday. Finland’s Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja does not anticipate that the sanctions will have any great effect.

Erkki Tuomioja Image: Yle

According to Tuomioja, the EU list is not complete and names could still be added. He now expects a Russian response.

“What matters at this stage is not what the direct effects of these decisions may be, but what will happen next,” says the Minister.

As Finland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Tuomioja feels that the most important thing now is to ensure that the conflict does not spread to the rest of Ukraine. The Foreign Minister also expressed his wish that the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) send an observer group to the Ukraine as quickly as possible.