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Survey: Helsinki commuters lose eight working days a year sitting in traffic

A new report suggests that commuters in the Helsinki region lose the equivalent of eight working days a year sitting in traffic. The TomTom GPS system report found that Istanbul is the most congested city in Europe.

Image: Yle

Drivers in Helsinki normally lose around eight working days per year sitting in traffic, according to a new report from the GPS system manufacturer TomTom. The annual Traffic Index report found that commuters lose some 17 minutes every day to traffic jams and congestion.

That equates to around eight working days per year. Things aren’t as bad in Helsinki as in other Nordic cities, however: the Finnish capital ranked fourth after Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. Turku came fifth, with Tampere back in 14 spot in the Nordic rankings.

TomTom’s Traffic Index report compares commuting times across more than 200 cities worldwide. The index compared journey times across the whole day and with morning and evening peak travel times to come up with the average delays caused by congestion.

It found that Europe’s most time-consuming journeys to work take place in Istanbul, with Moscow and Saint Petersburg in second and third places.

The least-congested big city in Europe, on the other hand, was Amsterdam.