Ring Rail Line airport trains to service all stations

Helsinki’s public transport service HSL on Tuesday announced that trains on the new Ring Rail Line servicing Helsinki-Vantaa Airport will stop at all stations. Testing of the new rail link showed that servicing every station would not significantly extend travel between Helsinki city centre and the airport.

Image: Yle

From July, passengers from smaller stations such as Käpylä, Ilmala and Tapanila will be able to travel directly to and from the airport by rail. HSL’s decision is based on tests made at the start of April.

The tests considered the time advantages of skipping Käpylä, Ilmala and Tapanila stations, concluding that stopping at these stations would not shorten the journey time enough to justify a more express service.

The journey time from Helsinki via Tikkurila to the airport will be just under half an hour, and just over half an hour for those coming via Myyrmäki.

Trains running counterclockwise from Helsinki will be labeled “I”, while the ones running clockwise will be “P” trains. M trains will no longer operate. Otherwise, commuter train letter codes and stopping locations will remain unchanged.

During the daytime I and P trains will run every 7-10 minutes, from 7-10pm every 10-15 minutes, and in quiet times - from 10pm-midnight and 4-6am - every 30 minutes. A 1:15am train will also be scheduled to transport late-night passengers from the airport.

The final timetable is due for completion in May.