New Ring Rail Line takes off; airport service complete by October

A new rail service running from downtown Helsinki to the Helsinki Airport and the Vantaa region began serving commuters on Wednesday, July 1. Six years in the making, the service will provide some 150,000 departures every day.


The long-awaited Ring Rail Line was taken into service from 3.59 Wednesday morning, when the first local I-train left from the Central Railway Station in downtown Helsinki. The rail line will move one step closer to completion in August when construction wraps up at the station servicing the Helsinki Airport.

During the course of the day the I- and P-trains will provide departures at ten-minute intervals. All of the trains are modern low-floor models that provide easy access for passengers traveling with items such as luggage and baby carriages.

The new rail service will connect the main line with the Vantaankoski route. Passengers on inter-city trains coming from the north can transfer at the station in Tikkurila to the local I-train, which will then take them to the airport.

Airport Station still under construction

The Tietotie station at the airport is still to be completed, and will come online later this month. A direct connection to the airport terminal meanwhile, will be ready in October.

The rail improvements have seen the addition of new stations on other sections of the line in eastern and western Vantaa. They include stops at Vehkala, Kivistö, the business park Aviapolis and Leinelä, all of which started operating on Wednesday.

Commuters using the underground stations at Aviapolis, Kivistö and the Helsinki Airport will have the opportunity to enjoy a background soundscape crafted by professional musicians including musician-composer-producer Tapani Rinne, soloist Ismo Alanko and musician and percussionist Teho Majamäki.