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Finns Party politician to be investigated for hate speech

Finland's Deputy Prosecutor General has initiated a preliminary criminal investigation that could bring hate speech charges against Finns Party Helsinki reserve councillor Olli Sademies for a Facebook posting in May suggesting the forced sterilisation of African men in Finland.

Olli Sademies Image: Yle

Deputy Prosecutor General Jorma Kalske has forwarded a request to police to begin a premilinary investigation that was filed by Non-Discrimination Ombudsman Kirsi Pimiä two days after the posting by Sademies became public.

A reserve councillor in Helsinki, Olli Sademies suggested on Facebook that African men should be sterilised. Olli Sademies made the comments in a post where he suggested that African immigrants have too many children.

The Finns Party has distanced itself from the comments, but did not formally censure Sademies.

Police received three formal complaints against Sademies for hate speech, but decided not to start an investigation at the time.

A retired police officer, Sademies was a Finns Party candidate in this year’s parliamentary election, but received just 462 votes and was not elected to parliament.