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The most-read Yle News stories of 2015

2015 was not short of news stories in Finland, with migration high on the list of most popular stories on our website. There was also space for bestiality, meatless meatballs, a teenage athlete and plans to introduce tuition fees for non-EEA students at Finnish universities.

Image: YLE / Timo Nykyri

In 2015 migration and the rise of ISIS dominated the news agenda, in Finland and elsewhere. Yle News saw a spike in stories related to migration, as more than 30,000 asylum applications were made over the course of the year and many Finns struggled to adjust to the newcomers.

Our audience was also interested in plans to introduce tuition fees for foreign students at Finnish universities, a story that has also been popular in previous years but gained new impetus in December when the Sipilä government pushed through a plan to actually make it happen.

The government's plan to experiment with a basic income also attracted readers, as did a story about processed meat-like products made by Kesko and a story on Finland's unusual legal framework around having sex with animals.

Here's the full list:

1. Aalto University helps native Americans relocate after fears of impending tsunami

2. ISIS looted treasures seized en route to Russia

3. Two detained in Finland over ISIS executions in Tikrit

4. Yes, in Finland you can have sex with your pet

5. 17-year-old runs first marathon in world class time

6. Kela to prepare basic income proposal

7. Friday's papers: "Soldiers of Odin" patrol Kemi streets, paper claims "100s of Muslim extremists in Turku", Finland to cut Unicef funding by 75 percent

8. Iraqis on Facebook warn compatriots against coming to Finland

9. Food giant Kesko renames meatless meatballs; now simply "balls"

10. Foreign students face tuition fees in Finland