Bright fireball lights up night skies of Finland

There were many of reports of a large, bright fireball that lit up skies over towns across southern Finland at about 8 pm on Saturday. Some eyewitnesses of the phenomenon said it looked like lightning or a camera flash. Still others reported they also heard a thunder-like rumbling afterwards.

A file photo of a meteorite captured over the skies of Mikkeli in October 2015. Image: Aki Taavitsainen

The website of astronomy magazine Tähdet ja avaruus (siirryt toiseen palveluun), which uses the assistance of astronomers from across Finland, says that there were some 200 reports of sightings of a bright flash of light in the dark skies of southern and western areas at about 8 pm Saturday.

According to Tähdet ja avaruus the flashing light was likely a meteorite but said they had not yet seen Saturday night's incident captured in a photograph.

If the suspected meteorite was photographed, it might be possible to determine its trajectory and possibly learn if the object may have reached the Earth's surface.

Large, bright meteorites are regularly seen in the skies of Finland several times a year.