Finns having less sex, says study

According to the newest report by the FINSEX research project, which has been monitoring the sex lives of Finns for more than 50 years, Finns were having less sex in 2015 than before.

Sexpo-säätiön seksuaaliterapeutti Karoliina Vuohtoniemi Aamu-tv:ssä torstaina 25. helmikuuta 2016. Image: Yle

The amount of sex that Finns are having continues to decline over previous years.

That's the finding of the Family Federation of Finland's newest FINSEX research project, which carries out "sexological research through surveys and studies on the adult population’s sexual desires, values, behaviors, sexual problems, and sexual pleasures."

Its most recent report, for 2015, published in February, reveals that the sharpest decrease in the amount of sexual intercourse was recorded for 30- to 40-year olds, who are often in the so-called "peak busy years" juggling family and children with work.

Decline started in 2000s

FINSEX results reveal that compared with the findings of the previous study, carried out in 2007, the decline of the amount of sex that started in the 2000s continues.

Speaking on Yle’s TV 1 morning show on Thursday, sexuality therapist Karoliina Vuohtoniemi said that, "a decline in sex life is usually affected by daily things such as busy work schedules, stress, raising children, or big life changes such as illness, unemployment, or a large project such as building a house.”

Vuohtoniemi, who works for the Sexpo Foundation which promotes sexual wellbeing in Finland, says that a decline in the amount of sex should not be made into a big deal.

Once a week on average

At different stages of life the amount of sex can fluctuate greatly, she says. Focusing on studies and averages is not productive, she adds.

According to FINSEX, the most sexually active groups include 20-year old women and 50-year old men, both of whom have sex on average one and a half times a week. In other age categories, the average amount of sexual intercourse is once a week.

Only middle-aged men had slightly more sex in 2015 compared with 2007. In other age categories for both women and men, the amount of sex had clearly decreased over previous years.