STT: No charges against 16 in neo-Nazi riot

The Finnish News Agency STT reports that public prosecutors have ended an investigation into the actions of 16 people suspected of participating in rioting during a white supremacy demonstration in Jyväskylä last August. The preliminary investigation failed to establish enough evidence for charges to be brought. Another 14 people are still under investigation.

Neo-Nazi Finnish Resistance Movement members in Jyväskylä on August 1, 2015. Image: Yle

The neo-Nazi Finnish Resistance Movement (SVR) held a demonstration in Jyväskylä, Central Finland on the 1st of August last year that turned violent and was broken up by police.

Police arrested 30 people. According to District Prosecutor Elina Mäntylä all of those arrested took part in the demonstration.

However, the office of the district prosecutor for the region has decided to end the investigation into the actions of 16 of those arrested. According to the Finnish News Agency STT, officials say that in addition to a lack of evidence against them, none of them played a significant part in the events of last August.

The remaining 14 are still under investigation and may face charges of violent rioting, leading a riot, assault, and resisting the authorities.