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Supo: Foreign intel tried to influence Finnish energy policy

Finland’s security and intelligence police Supo have disclosed that in 2015 a foreign state attempted to influence Finnish decision making with respect to energy policy. Supo made the revelation in a new yearbook, however it did not specify which country was behind the effort.

Image: Jyrki Lyytikkä / Yle

Finland was the target of an attempt by foreign powers to influence energy policy decision making, according to a report by STT news agency. STT said Monday that Supo revealed the espionage attempt in a new yearbook released Friday.

Supo did not name the party suspected to be behind the attempt to influence Finnish energy policy, however. Nor did it indicate which specific area of energy policy was targeted.

Supo communications chief Jyri Rantala told STT that Supo will not reveal any additional information beyond what was reported in the annual report.

The account was the first of its kind to be published by the security police, and replaces the former annual summary.

Supo: 2015 an active year for intel operations

The publication offers an assessment of issues such as developments in terrorism and the actions of foreign intelligence services in Finland.

Supo said that 2015 had been a very active year for intelligence activity in Finland. The organisation added that in many instances espionage had clearly been more aggressive than in previous years.

The yearbook mentioned that Supo had been forced to intervene in some intelligence gathering operations conducted in Finland.

In addition to influencing energy policy, one of the central aims of foreign powers was to gauge the political temperature following parliamentary elections, to gather information about the political leadership and to assess national sentiment with respect to EU policy and NATO cooperation, Supo concluded.