Police investigate possible links to neo-Nazi group in Helsinki death

Police in Helsinki are investigating the death of a man who died Friday, one week after being assaulted at Helsinki's Central Railway Station. Daily Helsingin Sanomat has reported that the 28 year-old man’s assault occurred during an event organised by the neo-Nazi Finnish Resistance Movement.

The assault took place outside Helsinki's Central Railway Station. Image: Jouko Tapper / Yle

Helsinki police have confirmed that a man who was assaulted in front of the Helsinki's Central Railway Station two Saturdays ago passed away one week later on Friday at Meilahti Hospital.

In a brief statement issued Saturday, law enforcement officials however said that they could not confirm that the man’s death was the direct result of the incident. They added that the case was under investigation and that police could not provide any information about suspects in the assault.

On Saturday afternoon the daily Helsingin Sanomat reported that members of the neo-Nazi group, Finnish Resistance Movement, had gathered at the railway station on Saturday, September 10. HS wrote that police confirmed that the group had organised a small demonstration near the railway station, but offered no comment on whether or not there was any link between the demonstration and the assault.

According to Helsingin Sanomat, the group had posted on its website video recorded at the time showing a man holding the group's flag. Towards the end of the clip a man with blood on his head could be seen lying on the ground, the paper wrote.

Police: Enquiries still underway

The paper reported that the father of the deceased man said that the assault took place during an event organised by FRM. HS also said that police had confirmed that the man had received blows to the head.

Detective Chief Inspector of the Helsinki police department stressed that police are still conducting enquiries into who had been present at the time of the assault. He did not comment on suggestions that FRM had a hand in the incident.

"We are looking into which groups were present," he told Yle.

The tabloid Ilta-Sanomat reported that the assault victim had been discharged from hospital and returned home on Thursday. However he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage on Friday and died later that evening, the paper quoted the man’s father as saying.

Police said that they would provide an update on the case on Sunday.

The man's father stressed that his son had no connections with the anti-immigrant group, but had gone over with a group of friends to offer his opinion about the movement.