Friday's papers: Doping mess, underage migrants, Dylan Nobel, city murals

This week's final Yle News paper review looks at a fresh, widely publicised doping scandal, underage asylum-seekers, Bob Dylan's Nobel prize, and Finnish murals.

Papers go into various issues today, including a lip balm that is shown to clearly contain a doping substance. Image: Aino-Kaisa Saarisen Twitter-tili

This Friday every Finnish daily is splattered with images of a tear-streaked Therese Johaug, a Norwegian athlete whose skiing career took a deep nosedive after she was allegedly caught using performance-enhancing drugs.

Tabloid Ilta-Sanomat goes into Johaug's statement in court, wherein she claims her positive doping test result was caused by her using a lip balm called Trofodermin that contained clostebol, a substance that is prohibited by sports authorities.

Johaug's positive doping result has been decried as a misunderstanding between the Norwegian Ski Federation and others – including the athlete's doctor.

"I will resign from my post immediately. It is the only solution in this situation," Fredrik Bendiksen is quoted as saying in IS. "Therese did everything right and is innocent."

Johaug, who wept openly at the press conference about her supposed infringement, is now barred from skiing in professional competitions.

Young refugees, Dylan Nobel

Meanwhile the Tampere paper Aamulehti features a spread on underage asylum-seekers, five of whom tell their stories.

Many underage migrants must re-apply for asylum in Finland once they reach the age of 18 – and support systems are in place for individuals up to their 21st year.

This year a total of 323 underage asylum-seekers have arrived in Finland; 101 from Afghanistan, 63 from Iraq and 51 from Syria, the paper reports.

The teenagers profiled were either denied and granted asylum for a variety of reasons; one Afghan boy was not allowed a residence permit because the authorities deemed that the alleged persecution he faced was not "objectively founded".

"Decisions are not made based on feelings arising in the interview, but on raw facts and the applicant's description of their circumstances," says Juha Similä from the Immigration Service.

In cultural news, protest songwriter and folk music legend Bob Dylan has the Finnish media agog at his Nobel Prize win for literature.

Dylan's lyrical and musical talents have been much touted for decades. Iltalehti goes into his history as a performer, and cites researcher Christopher Ricks, who has compared Dylan to English poet William Wordsworth.

The last time Dylan performed in Finland was at the 2014 Pori Jazz festival.

Murals unveiled

"Murals, finally here" declares the headline of the NYT attachment to the leading daily Helsingin Sanomat. The "finally" is qualified: the capital city region of Finland has been all but bare of professional large-scale murals in public spaces until now.

The piece describes how modern murals in Helsinki are now larger and more ambitious. The wall of a building in Sörnäinen boasts the city's largest outdoor mural.

The artists responsible for the numerous new paintings dotting the cityscape hail from around the world – Australia, Finland, Chile, Italy.

"It would be nice if domestic painters were trusted more. It's up to the people in this field to raise up the art form," says Umut Kiukas, graffiti artist and gallerist.