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High winds snuff fireworks planned for Linnanmäki closing

In one of the signs that winter is around the corner, Helsinki’s highly popular amusement park Linnanmäki closed its doors for the season Saturday night. However high winds smothered plans to launch fireworks marking the occasion.

Linnanmäki's wooden roller coaster suffused in coral hues. Image: Petteri Sopanen / Yle

Helsinki’s iconic amusement park Linnanmäki wrapped up its two-week long Carnival of Light display and at the same time signaled the end of the 2016 summer-autumn season on Saturday night.

Horns sounded as the large crowd on hand took their last rides on perennial favourites such as the wooden roller coaster, Vuoristorata, which has been entertaining patrons since 1950.

Linnanmäen huvipuiston Valokarnevaalit huipentuivat päätösiltaan lauantaina 22. lokakuuta. Image: Satu Nurmio / Yle

The evening was supposed to end on a climax with a fireworks show, however high winds forced organisers to abandon the pyrotechnic display. Although the audience gathered for the season’s culminating event were disappointed, organisers said they weren’t about to take any risks given the evening’s blustery gusts.

On for eleventh time this year, the park's Carnival of Light display didn’t disappoint though and crowds were able to enjoy the sight of towering rides and the water tower bathed in luminous patterns.

Image: Satu Nurmio / Yle

The amusement park is already on track to record visitor numbers nearly rivaling last year’s record of 1.2 million and park management said that sales this year have outstripped last year's figures.

"The Carnival of Light is one of those methods that we describe as the season’s sweetener. We start and end at the same time, but in the interim our operations expand," explained chief executive Pia Adlivankin.