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Middle and low earners pay bulk of taxes in Finland

Nearly a third of all Finnish income taxes were paid by those earning between 35,000 and 54,999 euros last year. That group pays some 29 percent of all income taxes collected in Finland.

Some thirty billion euros was paid in income taxes last year. Image: Ismo Pekkarinen / AOP

Average earners paid the most tax in Finland last year, according to data released by the Tax Administration on Thursday. The figures show that the nearly 870,000 people earning between 35,000 and 54,999 euros paid some 8.8 billion euros in total, averaging out at around 10,000 euros per year.

In total some 134.2 billion euros in taxable income was recorded in 2015, with 30.5 billion of that paid in taxes.

Those earning over 75,000 euros constituted about four percent of all taxpayers, or around 196,000 people. They paid around 27 percent of all income taxes.

Those earning under 34,999 euros numbered around 3.3 million people, and they paid some 29.1 percent of all taxes collected.

Corporate taxes were paid by some 110,000 companies in 2015, and the total amount collected was 4.5 billion euros. The biggest firms, that is those 845 companies with a turnover greater than 50 million euros, paid 39 percent of all corporate taxes.

Middle-income firms paid 13.4 percent, small companies 13.2 percent and micro-enterprises 16.2 percent of corporate taxes collected.