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Centennial passport and ID card coming

To mark next year's 100th anniversary of the nation's independence new Finnish passports featuring scenes of Lapland, swans and even poetry are to be issued beginning as of January 1, 2017.

A new centennial passport and ID card. Image: Poliisi

The look of both passports and official ID cards will change as of the first day of next year. While colours will remain the same, many other features will be very different.

The visual theme of the new passports is the natural environment of Lapland. Selected after surveying the wishes of the general public, each two-page spread will show a different northern landscape - fells, snowflakes and the Aurora Borealis.

A sample of the illustrated pages of passports available as of the start of next year. Image: Poliisi

In addition, the passports include illustrations of the national bird, the whooper swan, the national coat-of-arms and the text of a poem by Eino Leino. The cover features an embossed 100th anniversary logo as does UV text on the ID card.

The new passports and ID card also have new security features.

The issuance of new passports and ID cards will not affect the period of validity of present documents.