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New Feminist Party gears up for municipal elections

This spring's municipal elections will likely see several new political parties on the voting roster. One of them, the Feminist Party, filed its application for official registration with Ministry of Justice on Tuesday. Despite its name, the newly formed party has a goal of fighting racism and other discrimination.

Finland's Feminist Party Image: Satu Haavisto

Founded in the summer, the Feminist Party has already gathered the signatures of 5,000 supporters, which were brought to the Ministry of Justice on Tuesday as part of official party-registration protocol.

The Feminist Party aims to tackle discrimination on all levels in Finland, which co-founder Katju Aro says the current government is not doing.

Aro, a graphic designer and journalist, says that in addition to open racism, in Finland there is institutionalised discrimination against people who have a foreign name or a different skin colour.

The Party's other mission is to re-balance the financial inequalities caused by the current government's economic cuts which have hit women and minorities the hardest.

If the Feminist Party's membership cards are in order, it will be officially registered, joining the Finland's 13 other official political parties.

Other newly formed political parties include the Whiskey Party, the Pirate Party, and the Animal Rights Party.

According to Aro, the Feminist Party is "not just a women's political party, but an every person's party."