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Safety agency updates list of hazardous fireworks

The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency warns consumers of fireworks products that feature erroneous instructions for the rockets' use. The agency urges people to return certain brands of fireworks to where they bought them.

Keep an eye out for stickers like these when firing New Year's rockets. Image: Suomen Ilotulitus Oy

The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) has updated its list of fireworks considered hazardous to the public. Certain products feature incorrect instructions for use that indicate the wrong direction for the fireworks to be pointed.

Erroneous instructions can be found in the following fireworks products: Finlandia, Final Countdown, Paratiisin valloitus, Gold, Maanjäristys, Taivassalamoi, Megabosse and Superbosse. Tukes urges people who have purchased any of these fireworks to return them to the vendor they bought them from.

The fireworks in question include an additional yellow stickers that reads "TÄMÄ KYLKI KOHTI YLEISÖÄ – DENNA SIDA MOT PUBLIKEN" – Finnish and Swedish for "This side towards the spectators". However, the sticker has been affixed to the wrong side of the rockets.

Import company Suomen Ilotulitus Oy discovered the error in its own internal quality control. The company estimates that some 300 hazardous units have been sold.

Tukes has allowed the sale of the fireworks providing that the false information has been hidden with tape or crossed out before being sold.